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March 06, 2011


An Education (2009).

I must say that the poster of the movie catch my attention when I saw it. So peaceful and lovely. I thought that I must see that film, that it would make me fill so relaxed like the actors in the picture, I would be nice.

Then I read about the movie. It was almost a biopic based on Lynn Barber's experiences as was re-told by Nick Hornby in the screenplay. Quite a good reference, don't you think?

The movie is not that fantastic, but I enjoyed it very much. Sometimes it is unbelievable but the fun thing is that it was true. How could a man be so seductive? Well, he really was.

Carey Mulligan as Barber's alter-ego, Jenny Mellor and Peter Sarsgaard as David Goldman are an atractive couple. They took me by surprise and it was a nice poisoned Pigmalion story. The amazingly brilliant and talented girl gets fascinated by this man that brins her the gleaming lights of whatever European Culture has to offer.

And of course, the magnificent Alfred Molina as Jenny's father and a man of his time. It was difficult for me to believe that a great man like him could be flattered by the words of a knavish young Gentleman.

This story reminds me and is similar to the story that Fish Tank portraits. In both movies, a young and smart teenager is fooled by an older man. The background and the kind of suburb are different, but the outcome is quite the same. An interesting comparison, I must say.

The movie was well received by critics and I think it deserved. But it is not really a strong movie. It has much to offer, great actors and a beautiful set, but it didn't makes you feel like involved in the lives they are portraying.

Never mind, give it a try if you please. It is a fine film.

An Education Trailer HD

More about An Education:

If you want to hear the OST.


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