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July 10, 2010


Noah's Ark (1959).

One of the less known stopmotion cartoons from Disney is this 1959 stopmotion version of Noah's Ark. In 1933 they used the story as a fun musical version in Silly Symphonies but this version is very tasty and in fact rarely reviewed. There is no Wikipedia article and that means more dificult approach to be get to know.

Walt Disney - Noah's Ark (1/2) - 1959 

Walt Disney - Noah's Ark (2/2) - 1959

The well-known biblical tale is brought to life as a stop-motion musical, which feels more like Rankin/Bass's specials in the medium than a Disney production, only it's more stylized. Noah is advised by a heavenly voice that a great rainstorm is coming which will wipe out most of Earth's inhabitants. So he and his three sons build a boat to precise specifications and begin rounding up two animals of every kind, plus of course, their own women. When the lengthy time on the boat brings spirits down, Noah's sons provide some music to cheer everyone up. Interestingly, household items are used to create the characters; the whooping cranes have pencil beaks, corks are abound, and the moose's antlers are really sporks. This is a Disney oddity, if ever there was one, but it offers quite a fun time.

[text and video via lpmangas]

There was a Silly Symphony with the same theme but in classic animation. It is from 1933. Enjoy!

Silly Symphony - Father Noah's Ark

[via newlookchick]

And, of course, the great Donald from Fantasia 2000:

Donald Duck - Noah´s Ark 

[via Chlodox]

More about Disney's Noah's Ark: 

Image taken from dipity 


David said...

Valentín, no tenía ni idea de que existiera esa versión stop-motion.
No he visto el vídeo (pero bueno, ya sé que existe). La de cosas que me descubres a veces.
Muchas gracias, claro.

Valentín VN said...

Gracias a tí, David.

Yo tampoco sabía de la existencia del video, pero indagando, van saliendo cosillas.

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