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August 13, 2010


Complete Chronicles of Conan (22). Drums of Tombalku.

With this story we are entering the ending of the book of the Complete Chronicles of Conan. This is the first unfinished story of Howard's Conan.

It is an unfinished draft where the real main character is a young traveller called Amalric. He is crossing the desert along some Ghanatas warriors. 

Amalric rescues Lissa young woman form Gazal, who is afraid of the unnamed Horror that could (and would!) come out his conquered town. 

Conan appears at the end of the 20 pages of this draft, as a prisoner of Tombalku warriors and Amalric starts talking to him, ending the  text in that cliffhanger.

It was finished by L. Sprage de Camp in Conan the Adventurer.

More about Drums of Tombalku:
Image taken from Amazon.


Guely of Sweden said...

And the tough art of the inmortal Frazetta!!

Valentín VN said...

Yes, we'll miss him.
A great loss this very year.

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