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April 17, 2010


Red Hot Riding Hood (1943).

50 Greatest Cartoons of all time #7.

The first Tex Avery in this list of 50 Greatest Cartoons is this craziness about retelling Little Red Riding Hood into a modern (well, back in the Forties it was modern) setting. It obtained an early censorship when the original ending implies that the wolf had to marry the grandmother and had offspring. 

The ending we can see in the video is the ending that survived. A silly one, when the wolf kills himself and his ghost howls at Red.

It is fun, and refreshing but not very "childish". It is not Adults Only, but it is not the most recommended cartoon for an evening with Kids. It doesn't matter, is cool after all.

Cartoon 1943 " Red Hot Riding Hood " - Tex Avery

More about Red Hot Riding Hood:


David said...

Ah! Lo colgué hace poco en mi blog... En aquella época los dibujos no se hacían sólo para los niños, que es algo que no parecemos saber.
Un saludo.

Valentín VN said...

Los dibujos NO SON SÓLO PARA NIÑOS, como demuestro muy a menudo en el blog y David lo sabe.

Por cierto, visitad sin dudarlo este enlace http://safarinocturno.blogspot.com/2010/03/la-caperucita-de-tex.html

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