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July 25, 2010


The Kid (1921).

The little tramp grows up. The kid make him do it. Chaplin transforms his long time character into the next iconic prototype of drama + comedy role. And he succeeded at it. And Jackie Coogan grew with him.

The movie is a masterpiece. Some say that it was build over the sadness of the loss of his firstborn and the memories of his childhood in London while he was being divorced. But no, that could only get him depressed.

Chaplin was doing masterpieces one after one in a row. It was a matter of time he put that much talent in a single movie with extended length.

And the result is here, forever. A remarkable movie one can never forget. It is impossible not to feel moved, touched by the fun scenes and the dramatic ones. You sincerely want the tramp to succeed and be the next-to-a-father of the kid.

If feel like it, take your time and enjoy once more this milestone of the cinema. 

From Google Video.

More about The Kid:
Images taken from Club amigos sala infantil y Floredo.


Guely of Sweden said...

One of many Chaplin masterpieces. And to think that this kid would became as Uncle Fester (Tío Lucas, en Los Locos Adams)

Valentín VN said...

I wasn't aware of that fact, Guely, Thanks for the information!

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