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January 31, 2011


GURPS WWII RPG Hands of Steel.

GURPS WWII was commented in Tonnerre de Brest previously, and here is an expansion of the original game. A great addition to the basic core. As we could see in the review, the characters with the highest rank and one of the point consumers were commandos.

From the begging, Shawn A. Fisher, the writer of this supplement makes statements about the dangerous nature of this troops and how they usually died on duty. There is no romanticism in that. Maybe this characters are for veteran players that know when to avoid a direct confrontation and in an impossible to survive situation, come with innovative ideas.

There is a history of this troops and the way they recruit "volunteers". And two ideas: demolition (destroy something dear to the enemy) and getting in and out (the first is your duty, the last, just survival). Weapons must then be easy to carry (no tanks in here) and parachuting is an paramount expertise.

Players can choose from U.K. forces (Commandos, Special Air Service, Long Range Desert Group, SBS/COPP/SRU), USA forces (OSS Operational Groups, UDTs and Scouts and Raiders, Army Rangers, Alamo Scouts, USMC Raiders) or German forces (SS-Jagdverbände, SS-Fallschirmjäger, Marine Einsatz Abteilung).

There was another GURPS WWII full-sized supplement that I didn't have. It was Iron Cross.


joselop44 said...

Hacía mucho que no pasaba por le blog y la verdad es que debo felicitarte por la nueva imagen que le has dado.Ha quedado genial.
Tras un tiempo ausente, he vuelto al mundillo de los blogs.

Valentín VN said...

Muchas gracias, José Luis. Tampoco yo estoy muy activo últimamente.

Me pasaré por Age quod aguis para ver tus nuevas publicaciones.

Un saludo.

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