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January 24, 2011


Lobster Johnson, The Iron Prometheus.

Lobster Johnson is a mythic character that started his apperiences in the pages of Hellboy. 

Is he real or a fiction character? This story comes to prove that he was real (at least in the Hellboy world) and that he is here to stay.

A cultist organization with a misture of Fu Man Chu-like conspiracies (the evil character reminds me a lot of Rasputin) and Nazis trying to get advantages of magic and monsters. Fighting then there is this Lobster Johnson character and his friends, in a pack that is a mirror of Doc Savage and his crew.

With Guy Davies and Mignola as developers of the original story, the work of artist Jason Armstrong was raised to a peak and this story is a satisfactory one, with a lot of action packed fights but with a great script running all the strory. A must have.


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