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September 05, 2010


You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010).

The new movie of Mr. Allen is a fresh comedy that presents the old "Be careful what you wish, because it could come true". That's what happens to the characters. 

Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) leave his wife Helena (Gemma Jones) and tries to live his new 30s at his early 70s. In doing so, he gets engaged with a 30 part-time-lover named Charmaine (Lucy Punch, after Nicole Kidman were unable to be part of the cast due to another compromise). Helena searchs stability in a fortune teller while getting the nerves of her daughter Sally (Naomi Watts) and her husband Roy (Josh Brolin). 

Sally is working in a great gallery directed by Greg (Antonio Banderas) while his marriages goes in a downward spiral and tries to open her own gallery. Roy has being working as limusine driver while writing a new book after his first success. He meets Dia (Freida Pinto) an falls in love with her.

From one story to another I enjoyed the movie as usual with a Allen Movie, but it is not a great movie. Similar to old comedies but without the punch it usually had.

I read not very positive critics and I think they are right (as long they are polite, since it is a nice movie without being one of the best of Woody Allen). But I must say that I enjoyed watching it and had something to comment at the end.

It starts and ends with the only story (Helena's) that has a real happy ending. All of the other characters obtain or almost did what they dessired, but at what price?

By the way, there is a fun situation worth to be notice when Sally says goodbye to Greg and tells him that she love him. The answers Greg (Banderas) gaves her are really unbalanced and shows the great leading man not knowing what to say, but not remaing silence. Simply hilarious.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger - Official Trailer [HQ]

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Images taken from Summer Movie Guide(poster) and Empire Movies (Woody Allen with Antonio Banderas and Naomi Watts).


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