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September 06, 2010


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness RPG.

This RPG is part of the Palladium System, a set of rules that worked for many series, Heroes Unlimited, Superhuman and the Basic Palladium RPG included.

The setting was great; the TMNT universe! This book was at the very begging of the first Mirage Series. But to Kevin Simbieda, President of Palladium Books, the childish version spotted on TV Series made impossible to be appreciated by teenagers and young age players.

I'm not sure, but I won't be aware of the TMNT if not for the cool "childish" animated series. I'd read the comics and loved them, but I also liked the animated series AND the RPG.

The basics of the game system are commonly standard. Attributes (a lot!) and Skills, all varied because of the mutations, and then some flavoring. This last one were controversial, since the first edition of the book has a list of sexual deviations as mental illness. It was too much to some parents, being this a RPG based in what many parents considered a "childish" game. It was later removed. I didn't even know this fact since I own the thirteen edition.

This book is strongly based on something other RPGs add as rare and very specific: shape shifters. That's not strange, being this a game where everybody should play a mutant. The Turtles are half turtle - half human. And that goes for almost all the cool characters. So a system that where only added to werewolves and the likes of that, had to be added as the basics of this RPG. Thus the "Strangeness" of the title. 

The combat part uses a lot of martial arts and cool nija stuff. That's a haven for any fanatic of this oriental kind of settings.

But, putting aside the great work Erick Wujcik, the dessigner of the game, this set of rules for shape-shifters and mutants are interesting as a way to play characters not to create it. This is because, if you are playing a TMNT game, who do you wanna be? THE TURTLES, OF COURSE! Well, at the end of the book, there they are, the character sheets of the four dudes. And that's what I love to play. If you play with more players, go for April of Casey Jones. They are cool too.

The book includes two comics, a origin story and Don't Judge a Book... where the Turtles has to participate in a costume party after battling the bad guys. Both are fantastic, since all the game is full of Eastman and Lair drawings.

There are also four adventures to play right away. One of them with amazing mutant... teddy bears? Who said childish?

There is a sequel of this book (in fact there are many supplements and I'll write about them in a few weeks) that was called After the Bomb.

More about teenage mutant ninja turtles and other strangeness:


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