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August 14, 2010


Paul Stanley, gira en solitario en 1989.

Ayer di con este video tan interesante de la gira en solitario de Stanley en 1989. Hace unos años volvio a la carretera con un nuevo proyecto en solitario. Vamos con su primer gira sin los Kiss, para aprovechar que la banda no estaba muy activa, aunque tendríamos que esperar más de tres lustros a su segundo disco en solitario (el primero fue aquella locura de cuatro discos de miembros de Kiss del tirón). La explicación de Necramonium tras el video nos permitirá saber quién es quién.

Yesterday I came across this interesting video of Stanley's solo tour in 1989. A few years ago he returned to the road with a new solo project. This is the first tour without Kiss, to go along with his second solo album (the first was the madness of four members of Kiss albums in a row). The explanation could be read after the video and Necramonium will tell us who is who on stage.

Paul Stanley - Goodbye & Communication Breakdown - New Haven 1989

Paul Stanley during his 1989 solo tour! Communication Breakdown is a song by Led Zeppelin if you were not aware! Quality of the video is not really good but the video and audio have been upgraded!

His band for this tour have 3 familiar faces! Bob Kulick, who played on a few tracks for KISS in the past and is the brother of back than KISS member Bruce Kulick, we also have Eric Singer on the drums who later on became a temporarily member and became a real KISS member in 2004... Also a familiar face is Gary Gorbett, who is considered a unofficial 5th member who played backstage during previous KISS tours on the keyboards... During this solo tour Paul was nice enough to let him stay on the stage for once! 

Paul played some rare songs on his solo tour including songs from his 1978 solo album, the first time this happened!
[Text and video via NecramoniumKISSvideo]


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