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July 02, 2010


Complete Chronicles of Conan (16). Shadows in Zamboula.

Perhaps the most dreadful city in Conan canon is Zamboula. Imagine a city whose labour force is composed on Darfarian cannibals. The citicens alow their behavour as long as they only eat strangers and outsiders. And Conan is both of them.

He arrives in a tavern and the bar-tender sold him to them. Conan fights to the end and runs away. In this flight, he cross paths with a woman who is also followed by the cannibals. The curious thing is that she is a citicen.

In fact she has a real problem. His lover has being poisoned by the Hight Priest of the city and she needs an antidote. Conan helps her, fights the formidable Priest, in league with the cannibals. After earning the cure, Conan discovers that he was helping the rulers of the city.

He earns enough wealth, but he leaves the city by letting the cannibals devour the bar-tender.

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