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September 12, 2010


Toxic Avenger (1984).

Back in the 80s, I was with a group of teenagers that wanted to do movies and when we saw a TV program (in RTVE Metropolis) all about Troma and the cool movies they where doing, we get hooked!!

The movie is about a total jerk called Melvin Ferd that desired to become popular and had many girls around him. And he did, but not after transforming into a deformed Superhero.

The movie was directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz back in 1984, without a real success until its reruns (as happened with Star Trek). It spawned three sequels and another one could be ready in a year or two.

Kaufman knew what he wanted to see in a movie and with a tight budget he directed and produced movies that many people enjoyed as the only way to watch cool and imaginative stories. Troma was amazing and in the 80s they took the world by surprise.

I was also fan of the Toxie comics. Marvel did a great work translating the character and the cast of the movie to comic book. Then came the Toxic Crusaders and the comic adaptation that turns the character to a childish entertainer, but it lasted and it was also fun.

The Toxic Avenger Trailer

More about the Toxic Avenger:
Images taken from Wikipedia (poster) and Screen Rant (Toxie and Kaufman)


Guely of Sweden said...

Great cult movie. The only Troma i got in my collection. Seen it many times.

Valentín VN said...

I have some post about Troma films for next weeks, Guely. Perhaps I'll discover to you another gems.

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