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June 19, 2008


Hellboy vol. 8: Darkness Calls

[via Darkhorse]

Many things seem to be moving on the Hellboy series. BPRD is going wild and the main character was on retirement. With a new movie on the horizon, something like this has to happen.

This time, is Duncan Fegredo who is taking the pencils and what a wonderful addition. If you are only passing pages, you won’t notice that there is a new penciller. He fits perfectly. It is amazing the changes he had to do to adapt his own style to Mignola’s. Amazing.

The story of Darkness Calls is as impressive as his new artist. Hellboy is been demanded by his heritage. Witches are after him, and the biggest of all, Baba Yaga is after her revenge. So many plots are being played together but the story moves smoothly and it is nicely written. The way I see it, this graphic novel could be among the best, if not the best, Hellboy story.

Aside the main story, the drama of the eternal life of Kochei has a depth uncommon in comic book standards. Imagine being the most powerful being in the world, invincible but a slave of your own immortal condition. Your moral ideals are nothing if Baba Yaga ask you to do the most deplorable action but promises you to set you free. I was intrigued by detour of the adventure involving this character.

Things are moving and I think in the right direction in the Hellboy canon. I think this turning point in the series is for good. Hellboy is a well designed character and many interesting things are in his way. To me this is the opportunity to create a remarkable story to be remembered and perhaps better than what came before.

Even introduction by Jane Yolen is amazing. It is real fun to read, and wonderfully crafted. In only a page, she develops her powerful narrative.


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