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May 13, 2008


Comics Online (I)

Looking for comics to add to the bottom of the page, I found this interesting list of pages where anyone can read comics online.

Zuda Comics is a page with new comics to read online.

Go Comics is the page for comic strips.

Marvel Comics has its own digital comics. They are not free, but they are not expensive.

DC Comics will have digital comics.

Darkhorse has a Myspace with comics.

Komikwerks is another wonderful page with new comics.

Kobaltronics, from Chile, has six digital comics online.

One manga is the place to read mangas online. A whole lot of them.

Onlinecomics.net is a Directory with thousand of comics online.

Awci from Dreamers has online comics in spanish. It is a production from Dreamers, possibly the most important web site in Spain related to Pop Culture.

Intro Comics is a spanish Blog where I found a Link to Comics Newsarama with comics online like Atomika and Kabuki.

Manga Animea is another great place to read manga online.

Well, Here is a lot of information about comics online. I think thats only the peak of the iceberg. I'll try to update the list in future posts.


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