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April 10, 2008



Mr. Men by Roger Hargreaves.
Mr. Men is a series of books and cartoons that started in 1971, when creator Roger Hargreaves painted and wrote a book for his child. That was the beginning of a series of books that portrait the life of simple characters with easy morals that was simple to made little children understand. (...)
STUFF OUTA MY HEAD by Robert Monks
Joseph M. Monks is a writer specialized in Horror. Stuff Out’a My Head is his first anthology of short stories. I think his work ought to be noticed because the way he creates the atmosphere and the closeness to the reader he can achieve are remarkable. (...)

THE DEAD BOY AT YOUR WINDOW by Bruce Holland Rogers
Perhaps many of you know that this short story won the Bram Stoker of 1998. But what really surprised me was the animated short that can be watched on YouTube. (...)

Pink extraterrestrial by Domingo Santos

Perhaps you won’t find this novel in your local bookshop. It is an Spanish Science Fiction novel with a lot of humor (in fact is a comedy) written by Domingo Santos. What is all about? Well a pink alien arrives to a village north from Madrid.(...)

Google Hacks by Tara Calishain & Rael Donfest

Today I have finished this fine book of Google Tricks. It is funny to notice how dated a book could be if Internet and its programs are involved. (...)

The Weblog Handbook by Rebecca Blood

A basic reading: Rebecca Blood’s The Weblog handbook. I needed to read this book when I started writing my blog and I think it could be helpful if I explain some of the ideas contained in the book. (...)


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