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April 25, 2008


Google Hacks by Tara Calishain & Rael Dornfest

Today I have finished this fine book of Google Tricks. It is funny to notice how dated a book could be if Internet and its programs are involved.

It doesn't matter. Here are a few of the most interesting stuff I found in its pages.

  • There is a mirror version of Google. Now is currenly undergoing a server upgrade. I hope it will be soon operative.
  • Looking for information about this book, I found an spanish blog about Google Tricks. This blog is quite useful. I will read it whenever I need information about Google stuff.
  • Some useful sintax. intitle: - inurl: - site: - link: - phonebook:
  • Something I realy didn't Know: Julian Calendar. In CPAN you can modiffy your local date as a julian day. Digging in Internet, I found this curious Multicalendar in Isotropic.
  • Translation made easy: multilingual.
  • Powered by... means realy something.
  • Google Labs were working hard. Now its work is real.
  • Now I know what API is.
  • Visualize Google results is really something with Touchgraph. It is as powerfull as the new flying navigator in YouTube.
  • The Chapter about Webmastering has a lot of insightful ideas. Brett Tabkehas a great recollection of them. In fact, 26 of them as you can see in googlelady.


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