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June 13, 2008


STUFF OUT'A MY HEAD by Joseph M. Monks

[via Joe Monks]
Joseph M. Monks is a writer specialized in Horror. Stuff Out’a My Head is his first anthology of short stories. I think his work ought to be noticed because the way he creates the atmosphere and the closeness to the reader he can achieve are remarkable.

All the stories contained in this anthology are incredibly accurate and have his roots in daily life terrible experiences.

The first story is a great joke. Two people are into a broken elevator. One of them is a serial killer. Who is the psychopath? You always will guess the wrong guy and the evidences will be mistakenly interpreted if one of them seems to be innocent and the other one guilty.

The second story is and old story told in an innovative way. Yes, the horror comes at the end of the tunnel but its approach could be more interesting than the resolution. It got me hooked to the end. Great narrative.

The third story is incredible. If you need to convince yourself why Monks narrative is so innovative, just read this one. A young man needs to be accepted by a gang and he is ask to commit a violation. He violates a young girl and he comes into the gang. That’s the story. But the horror comes with the narration and description of the disgusting crime. It gives me the creeps. Horror is not in cosmic beings or classic monsters. It’s in everyday life.

After these short stories, Monks proposes the reader to longer creations. The first one is about an ideal American village with a dark secret that is ruining its prosperous life. The second one answers the question, What would an actress do to be remembered for ever? I think that doing that would be a crime. I’m sure. This story is funnier than terrifying and I love that.

Oh, and Bernie Wrightson is the illustrator of the stories. The first stories have sketches but the last and longer ones have nice illustrations in his unique style.


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