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June 26, 2008


THE DEAD BOY AT YOUR WINDOW by Bruce Holland Rogers

Perhaps many of you know that this short story won the Bram Stoker of 1998. But what really surprised me was the animated short that can be watched on YouTube.

Looking in my papers, I found this four pages printed back in 1998 containing the tale. I think Bruce Holland Rogers was a powerful creative force when he designed this story. With this four pages in my hand, I looked for it in Google and then the YouTube movie appeared at the top of the list. I watch the movie and enjoyed it a lot. There fore, I look for the tale and I must say that I am disappointed that I could not find the page where I first encounter The Dead Boy at Your Window with pictures. Instead, I found the page of the writer where you can purchase new tales and some other stuff that I love to share with you.
Please, if you have the time, read the story. It is incredible and unforgettable.

This tale was published in an anthology called Bedtime Stories to Darken Your Dreams. There you can find many great short strories, but The Dead Boy... was the best. All photos via ShortShortShort, the official page of Bruce Holland Rogers, except the picture of the Dead Boy, taken from Floatingtide.

Enjoy the Embeb from YouTube.

[via Ian Schranz]


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