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March 24, 2008


Pink Extraterrestrial

Perhaps you won’t find this novel in your local bookshop. It is an Spanish Science Fiction novel with a lot of humor (in fact is a comedy) written by Domingo Santos. What is all about? Well a pink alien arrives to a village north from Madrid.

The writer knows how to write a comedy and is at his peak of quality. The main character is a journalist from a Washington newspaper that lives in Spain as a result of his skills with the opposite sex, namely the daughter of his boss. By not an special reason he is in that village, trying to obtain the favours o a beautiful woman. At the same time, the alien arrives there by error.

From this turning point, the novel grows funnier page after page being a mixture of comedy and acid criticism. Imagine the situations an international conflict like this could create in a country like Spain and its always complex relations with other countries. It ends in Washington, with the President of the United States sourunded with dozens of pink tiny aliens.

Sexuality of alien species is another hilarious idea. They procreate with the concurrency of three sexes. This special quality has an impact in the human couple. If you understand Spanish, please try this novel. It is really good and very short. You will enjoy it.

It was written in 1983, so you can find a lot of things from the Cold World Era. As Domingo Santos himself writes in the prologue, if a director would have filmed another novel he had written, The Visitor, Spielberg’s E.T. would be a copy of that movie.

If you want more information about the writer, you can go to http://www.tierrasdeacero.com/beta/gen/index.php?mod=lib&sec=autva1&autaut=131&pag=5


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