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March 21, 2008


Tonnerre de Brest Captain Hadock

Tonnerre de Brest. One of the many expressions Captain Haddock uses when something gets his nerves. This post is the begging of my blog dedicated to the many things that I love and that I want to share with you. In the Header you can see several subjects I’d like to write about.
The first post is dedicated to Captain Haddock, one of the characters in the Tintin series. Arguably the most important of the cast after, of course, Milou, he didn’t appear until the ninth adventure. There he is a drunkard captain of a ship where the decisions are taken by the evil lieutenant, who is transporting a cargo of drugs. In this adventure, he is half awake, half hallucinating. He is in the wake of killing Tintin by beheading him because Haddock thinks Tintin is a giant bottle. Thank goodness it didn’t happen.

The graphic novel is Le crabe aux pinces d’or is the last one to be published in black and white. Then it was coloured and latter redrawn to achieve the same quality standards the new albums where getting.
Look for all the wonderful expressions and insults Haddock uses in the Adventure of Tintin.

In this embed from YouTube you can watch all the covers of the graphic novels of Tintin with the music of the last TV series made for this character.


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