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January 15, 2011



Watching TV with my kids, we found this lovely character's stories. Noddy was amazingly entertaining and educational.

After some cartoons, 12 minutes long, I notice that it was an Enid Blyton's creation. That made me guest I was missing something. So I decided to investigate.

First, in a magazine I bought for my kids I'd noticed that it was a wooden toy, not an elf as I thought. Then, looking for the books I was then aware that it was a character out of a 1949 book.

Noddy is 62 years old! Take a look at the cover of the first adventure. That's Noddy and Big Ears the way it was conceived by illustrator Van der Beek. It tells the story of a modern day Pinocchio who was afraid of a puppet lion and finds himself in Toyland, where he tries to be accepted. Always with the help of Big Ears.

After some books, a taxi is given to him as a gift and he finds his occupation. Some characters come and some go. Some are change for another ones, more "politically correct", but the story remains the same.

But the 3D animated version was not the original. From 1955 to 1982, Noddy was a permanent part of British Television with lovely stopmotion puppets representing all the characters and adventures. In the 90s he appeared scarcely but since 2000 and in 2002 with the new "Make Way For Noddy" he has not abandoned us. That's good news!

The TV series we can now see has many great moments, technically speaking, but with many rigid movements and sometimes one gets the feeling that the puppets are flying all the time over the background. But it doesn't matter. They are so remarkable and the story is so cool that it goes smoothly and you want more when a cartoon finish.

The music of  Make Way For Noddy is a simple delight. From the titles tune to all the character's melodies or leitmotifs, composed by Julie and Steve Bernstein. It was a hit when it was released as a CD, back in 2003.

It was produced by the UK company Charion and the American company SD Entertainment. The show was edited differently for American and British audiences. Here in Spain we can see the American version, with American accent and in sections that links two cartoons. In YouTube I found only the British version but in Clan TV page you can hear chapters in this "Americanized" edition.

Well, enough is enough. Let's see some Noddy cartoons!

A sample of the first Noddy animated version:

Noddy and the Milkman

[via Jamaniace]

And another one (I coudn't help it):

Noddy and the Special Key

[via Jamaniace]

First Theme Tune:


the british theme tune to noddy from 1975
[via emh16]

And now the 2001/2002 version. First the opening credits:

Make Way for Noddy Theme Tune

And now some episodes. Notice the different voices from chapter to chapter. And the version I can hear here in Spain is quite different.


Noddy - Animal magic

[via bzuko22]

Noddy - Master Tubby's name game

[via bzuko22]


That was a lot! But, if you want more:


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