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September 17, 2010


Complete Chronicles of Conan (27). The Hand of Nergal.

This two part fragment starts with Conan surviving a wound and ravaging the dead in a battlefield after a carnage. There is not much to take from there and it is dangerous being there because thieves could consider that a living soldier has more on him than a dead one already stolen. 

Then Conan meets a dying girl and when he is about to give her a merciful killing, but instead he grabs the girl and walks towards the nearest city.

The second part of the story, supposedly to collide with Conan's path, takes place in the city of Yaralet, a city almost abandoned when it was a prosperous town. There Atalis and Prince Than wander alone.

The Nergal didn't appear in this fragment.
More about The Hand of Nergal.


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