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August 20, 2010


Complete Chronicles of Conan (23). The Vale of Lost Women.

This story, told as Livia's would have told it, it is a joke on her all along. It was never published in Howard's life and only in 1967 appeared as a short tale along other tales of Conan.

Conan is the leader of a tribe of jungle warriors that is about to stablish a truce with a rival tribe when Livia asks for help. She tells how his brother was slained by Conan's rivals. She asks for vengeance and Conan accepts as she accepts to mate with him.

After a battle, Conan returns and says that he has killed everyone. Livia runs away into the jungle to find a group of amazons. In their company she said that Conan is a brute. She gets dizzy and when she gets up, she is offered in sacrifice to a monster (see the image to the left). Conan rescuels her and tells Livia that he has no intention on raping her. In fact, he considers her as a weak woman.

More about The Vale of the Lost Women:
Image taken from gwthomas.org


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