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July 31, 2010


Kiss Collector Cards: Blue Kiss Inserts.

Toda gran colección merece ser conservada con grandeza y eso es lo que le pasa a esta colección de cromos que hemos estado viendo los últimos días. Al final hay unas cuantas cartas "foil", que eso en el argot del coleccionista son cartas brillantes que valen más que si no lo fuesen. Y si no, que se lo digan a los jugadores y coleccionistas de Magic: The Gathering.

Any cool collection deserves to be preserved with greatness and that's what's up with this collection of cards we've been seeing the last days. At the end of this Kiss FAQ article there are a few  "foil" cards. To the collectors it mean that they are bright cards that are worth more than if they were not. Tell that to the players and collectors of Magic: The Gathering.


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