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June 25, 2010


Complete Chronicles of Conan (15). Beyond the Black River.

One of the most popular Conan adventures has a lot to do with axes. In fact, many chapters include axes. Conan is again bored with peace and seeks more war, now as a scout close to the Black River.

Conan is a little bit older than in previews adventure in Punt, so some years are supposed to be run in a relaxed situation. 

While fighting a demon, he saves the life of a young man. Balthus. Conan scorts the boy to settle and in their way they find the dead body of a merchant, killed by another demon summoned by a Wizard, Zogar Sag. 

This mage is in league with the Picts (again this tribes) and the Tuscelan division where Conan serves must fight them. Conan sails the river to find their camp, but his party is ambushed. Most of the men are slaughtered and at the very end, Conan saves the life of Balthus by setting fire to the Picts village, just before a monster devores his young friend. Again Zogar Sag is after this creatures.

And the menace of Zogar Sag has something related to a long forgotten god that has power over all living beings. Conan and Balthus return to the Tuscelans and warn them about the real danger.

Conan saves as much people as he can and contain the gods, but many people die, including Balthus.

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