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June 11, 2010


Complete Chronicles of Conan (13). A Witch Shall Be Born.

This is one of the most harsh and rude adventures of Conan. And in the end, in my opinion is all about Compasion. Let's see

Imagine that you get up and you see yourself standing up your side. That's what happened to Queen Taramis of Khauran. When she awakes, she found herself surrounded by his twin sister, Salome, and her partner, Constantius. 

The only difference between the two women is a big scar that was present at their birth. That scar was considered a sign of witchcraft and the little baby was abandoned in the desert to perish. But a magician rescue her and teach her the magical arts. Saleme learned well and has a personal vendetta to accomplish.

But the way Salome and Constantius treat Taramis, so viciously and unhuman portrait them as evil. Taramis suffer vexations and it is kept prisoner. 

With Salome replacing her sister and Constantius as the new consort, the Khauranian guards are fired and shemitish soldiers occupy their places.

Conan, chief of the guards opposes that order and it is condemned to crucifixion. He tries to get rid of the nails, but he can't. Then a vile Vladislav, leader of a thieves gang mocks Conan and instead of helping him right away, he cuts the cross and release the nails from the hands. Our hero must free himself his feet. Not much compassion, indeed.

But Conan survives and joins the party of thieves and plans his return to Khauran. He enrolls every thief he finds, eventually gaining control of the small army. He doesn't kill Vladislav when he gains  control of his gang because, in the end, he was saved by him. Compassion again.

Now there is only one thing to do. With his new army he attacks Constantius, that has turned Khauran into an absolutist and despotic hell. After the battle, Conan kills Constantius and Salome, returning the throne to Taramis.

At the end, Conan feels sorry for so many dead when the vultures feast at the battlefield. Compassion.

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