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June 24, 2008


Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 2008

When I was a child, watching movies on VCR was great. Simply great. If you couldn’t go to the cinema when a movie was first aired, well, you miss it. Period.
But then came a time where good movies were released to Video and you could go and rent it in your local video store.
When Star Wars (the first movie, when it was the first chapter and not the fourth) was published as a Video Tape, I rented it and watch it two times in a row and another one the next day, before devolution.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind appeared in the racks of the video store the same way. You have to submit to a list of clubbers who want to rent it and wait about a month. O.K. it doesn’t matter. My day will come.
And it came. I watch the movie, the one with the special ending “not watch on theatres”. Cool.
And the movie didn’t disappoint me. It was as great and spectacular as I hoped. Dreyfus was my hero and I loved every single second of it. It was my favourite movie of all time. (Well Star Wars, Planet of The Apes, Conan the Barbarian, Aristocats, Rescuers, were my favourite movie any other time, but I am not a person of strong ideals, so what?).

[via EW]
I will give almost anything to be abducted the way the kid was and I will abandon this Earth (so long farewell) to be among the members of the crew who will go with the extraterrestrials.
Many things changed with this movie. The aliens were not a threat to all Mankind as it usually was in previous movies. They were to be cheered and loved. In my humble opinion, extraterrestrial invasion was the way creative minds subconsciously present the American fear of being invaded by the USSR. This could be related as Godzilla and the Atomic Bomb.

[via King Magic]
With this movie, extraterrestrials became our (big) brothers. Spielberg needed another movie, E.T., to state this thesis. And no invasion in sight. He was a visionary. Not many years later, the possibility of invasion from the Russian Soviets were a thing from the past.
When the Berlin Wall fell, also the aliens did. When I was a kid, people were spotting flying saucers and many of them were having encounters of any kind with intelligent space travellers, but then the illusion faded.
Now the British Government is debriefing many of the X-Files they have and you can read them on their own web page. The dream is over. And I feel sad. I loved the idea of a close encounter of any kind, although I don’t believe in UFO.
Many scientist support the idea of intelligent life outside our own planet. They deposited a lot of confidence in Statistics, but they are always the same: 50% – 50%. There is life outside Earth, and then there is not.
The possibility of finding anything remotely close to what we saw in this movies is the same we have to find a Unicorn, a Hippogriff or a Mermaid.
But I loved the general idea and the illusion of having a brother out there in the sky.

If you understand Spanish, then you will enjoy this links to some news that I found in the newspapers lately. It is funny how many stories about our green friends are already being published.
Anuncio dirigido a extraterrestres
Los extraterrestres no nos quieren
OVNIS británicos
Amigos verdes
As a wonderful addition, here is an embed from YouTube were you could watch the scene of the musical communication with the extraterrestrials. That was the most wonderful scene I watch being a child. Music-Science Fiction-Spacecrafts and Spielberg’s scientist. Could I ask for more?

[via Trying4]


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