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April 10, 2008



Zot! in B&W by Scott McCloud.
This volume includes all the black and white issues drawn by Scott McCloud from 1987 to 1991. This means issues eleven to thirty six, excluding the original art of issues nineteen and twenty by Chuck Austen (here we can see the layouts) and the “half issues” by Matt Feazell. (...)

Metal Men, by Duncan Rouleau.
The first time I read about the new Metal Men series I was astonished. I enjoyed these characters since I read the old run by Walter Simonson back in the first series. With this new series, DC added an archive edition and a showcase book, that was what I really wanted in the first time. (...)

The Human Fly #1-4
Human Fly, the Wildest Superhero ever…because he is real! Wow! What a series!I remember being a fan of this character since the comic book appeared here in Spain. It was published by Editorial Bruguera at the same time as the Star Wars comic book adaptation and the Kirby’s rendition of 2001. (...)
The Human Fly #5-8
This is a classic comic and a great one, but if you look at it in 2008 you will notice that it is something from the past. Nobody could publish now a comic with this kind of villain, that remains me of Kraken the Hunter from Spiderman (the outfit, mainly). (...)
The Human Fly #9-12
Let’s finish the story the begun in issue eight. The Human Fly was leading a group of children, a curator and his crew far away from the shooting that Copperhead was producing. (...)
The Human Fly #13-16
It starts with a nightmare by new Human Fly believer, Harmony Whyte. The Fly will perish performing a stunt in a snow jump. She tells the man his dream but he is not frightened. He deals, as he says, with technology, skill and luck, and could no be delayed by a vague foreboding. (...)
The Human Fly #17-19
The scenario of the adventure is the Union County State Fair in Elizabeth, New Jersey. A girl named Rachel was taking pictures and a thief steals his camera. The Human Fly is preparing his stunt; being cannoned into a Flying net hanging from a helicopter. (...)

HELLBOY Darkness Calls
Many things seem to be moving on the Hellboy series. BPRD is going wild and the main character was on retirement. With a new movie on the horizon, something like this has to happen. (...)

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The Great Comic Book Heroes by Feiffer

Spanish Classic Illustrated Reedited


LAST OF THE DRAGONS by Carl Potts y Denis O'Neil


SNARFQUEST by Larry Elmore


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