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April 21, 2008


Spanish Classic Illustrated Reedited

There is a new version of our own Spanish Classic Illustrated, that was called Youth Literature Jewels. Since 1992 we could not see it in the newsstand.

The new edition is from Grupo Z with a copy of the original format form Bruguera. There is a reproduction of the books with the comic inserted in Black and White.

Newspapers had been publishing reports about the new version. Read all about it in El País, ADN Weekend and ADN

If you need to find information about the complete series, go to 13 Rue.

My favourite issue was 133, Jules Verne’s The Pirates of the Halifax. Pictures drawn by Ángel Pardo. I read it and reread it constantly in my childhood. It was a breathtaking adventure.

Searching information, I found this Antonio Bernal Romero Original. Read more of it in Tirafrutas.

The American Classic Illustrated is very interesting, but I think the Spanish version is better, with quality adaptations. The American version doubled the issues from the Spanish. In both cases, this series help the children from many generations to have a beautiful introduction to literature.


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