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May 30, 2008


SnarfQuest by Larry Elmore

I get to notice Snarf in the pages of Games Unplug, back in the nineties. It was a great comic of two pages in colour that could be great in itself, putting aside that is was a parody of all other magical, epic and fantastic stuff that populates the pages of Rol playing games.

The magazine finished its run and I forgot everything about this character. But in 2002, Larry Elmore, opened the vault of forgotten memories and released a book with all the stories published in Dragon Magazine. I have finished reading it and I must recommend its reading to anyone who loves great comics with a sharp sense of humour and not only to RPG players or Epic Fantasy readers.

It starts in Sevilla (well, its proper name is Zeetville, but it is located in the same place as the Spanish City) and many adventures are set in a Fantastic Spain. Snarf is guy that makes you guest if Jar-Jar Binks were alive long before Star Wars Episode I.

The ruler of the village has died in a tragicomic way and the elders of the city are searching for a substitute. Anyone that in a year returns to the village, rich a famous will be king. So, Snarf, so greedy and restless goes for adventure. Then the story turns into a quest for glory with many secondary characters that makes the reading a good laugh.

[via Geek Speak]

Larry Elmore is a fine artist who could be seen as a fantasy art specialist, but his comics are great and imaginative. He mixes in the story evil magician in the D&D tradition with a robot and funny animals (or the species they represent, being fantasy characters). All rolled into a comedy with a lot of action and in an intricate adventure where Snarf obtains its goal after so many misadventures.

Then, in 1986, three years later, the main quest finish. Then a little story about robot Aveeare and a second saga starts. This one is set on space opera customs. It is funny, but not as great as the first one. Perhaps Snarf is a more developed character, but it didn’t get my attention as the first saga did. I think the space opera is so outdated that is a parody in itself and a parody of a parody… Well, it’s a good joke retold.

Ah! I almost forgot the way Elmore portraits women. Oh, boy!
The embed from YouTube is a Tribute to this artist great art. Enjoy.

[via Comic Hero 88]


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