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July 10, 2011


Yes Fly from Here 2011.

I found this new album of Yes (the first in many years) and I was shocked by the "Drama" reunion-line Trevor Horn retakes that amazing album that I have already commented here with a great band were both Wakeman and Anderson are replaced, like in the 1973 album. Less Keyboard solos, but more background pads.

The new singer is Benoît David, and he places himself in a lower Ian Anderson mood. The new album's name is Fly From Here and it has a long composition at the beginning, leading to long but more conventional songs.

This album was released a few days ago and it is not going to be sale until Tuesday in the USA. So go for the bottom link and enjoy it before you buy it. Yes has returned to this hudge sound of Drama with a Fly From Here five part (plus overture) song that leads from epic and amazing to... Cartoonist? (listen Bumpy Ride) and may be they are not aware, but Life On A Film Set, starts with a guitar too close to Alice Cooper's Gail at harpsichord.

An interesting album, not one of Yes better set of songs, but amazing if we compare it with the music today is being released by the Big Industry.

YES- Fly From Here EPK (Official)

The brand new album "Fly From Here" will be out: Europe: July 1st - North America: July 12th.
For more info: www.frontiers.it

If you want to listen more songs from YES - FLY FROM HERE.
Click on the Spotify Link bellow:
Yes – Fly From Here

Images taken from Spotify and Rock Angels.


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