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December 20, 2010



GURPS WWII is a realistic War RPG. It has nothing to do with strategic Wargames. Here one can roleplay of a contendant in this period of History and be part of it.

Gene Seabolt created one of the best GURPS setting. Using the Lite Basic Set adapted for this kind of realistic game it spawns a very sensitive and intelligent approach to the World War II. 

First, Seabolt writes an interesting essay about the development of this War (with opinions about Totalitarism that I could only but agree with him) and all in a well-informed manner. 

After that background information, the player has to choose from the ranks of several nations, with all kind of variants. Creating a character from that is always presented from a humanistic perspective, never glorifying War, but the struggle of the people to survive. A sensitive approach. War veterans and Commandoes (there is an expansion that I will comment in January) are the expensive characters, being both 75 points.

Then the common armory and vehicles creation section, interesting but not so necessary if you try to play a trooper or a Resistance Fighter.

Other thing is the GM section. How to rule a game as complex as this could be? Many hints are given in this section.

As I said, one of the best GURPS settings ever. A must have.


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