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October 02, 2010


The Fintstones, 50 years of family life.

Happy Birthday, Stone-Age Family!

Today, 50 years ago this popular cartoon series was first aired. It was a parody of modern life translated into a over-technological prehistoric era (not so prehistoric, since there was newspapers, stone newspapers).

Here is the inmortal Hoyt Curtin's tune. First it was an instrumental, but in the third season it added the popular "Meet the Flintstones" lyrics.

And of course, they jumped into the Comic Book medium, like this strip from the early 60s.

Here there are two videos, one, very appropiate with the main characters singing the "Happy Birthday" and then the interesting adaptation to live action movie (John Goodman as Fred Flintstone in 1994) compared with the original opening titles.

Flintstones - Happy Anniversary

[via Bax2008]

Flintstones open, cartoon/live action

This is the live action open of the Flintstones movie split screened with the animated series. It's a testament and wonderful homage to the series

More about the Flintstones:
Images taken from gotoons (cast), haroldbeukers (sheet music) and Mike Lynch Cartoons (comic)


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