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September 20, 2010


Sourcebooks for the TMNT RPG.

I presented TMNT earlier in this blog and now I'm going to present to you this four books I have that are sourcebooks and adventures for the original game.

Guide to the Universe
This was the fourth book in the TMNT RPG series. It is mainly based on creating spaceships, flying them and travel through space in the TMNT Universe.

It is mainly divided between the TCRI of the Utroms (Krang reminds me a lot from them) and the fearful Triceratons. The book ends with a 10 pages comic with a short adventure where the Turtles save some Utrons form an army of Triceratons. And boy, they are cool! By Erick Wujcik and art by Eastman, Laird and Brown.

Mutants Down Under
In this Palladium book we can create a character based on a mutation that includes marsupials, Australian birds and insects (I think for the first time).

It is nice to roleplay a Dingo, a Frilled Lizard of a Kangaroo but, what about a Koala or a Komodo Dragon?

After you create your character Down Under Style, you have to set the Dream Lands in an After the Bomb time, with Jakarta as the main city.

This book includes some rules to air combat and a glossary of Aussie speaking.

Transdimensional TMNT
This thick sourcebook is prepared to give a setting to Time Travel adventures and Transdimensional adventures.

The author of the TMNT RPG, Erick Wujcik takes the writing chores.

Some ideas are simply innovatives, like using extinct animals as the base of the mutation, but also uses the future evolved humans to turn them into mutations thenselves. Therefore we need new set of addendas and rules to incorporate humans with psiquic powers and the like.

There are Doctor Who... er, I mean, Time Lord sections, a cool drawing of the Turtles as Musqueteers, a set of ancient gunfire and a lot of "Twist" or altered history and dimension hooks.

The book ends with a series of posible seeds for new adventures using the new set of rules and setting, a two page comic and a sheet of a character called Monster, that appeared in TMNT #4 and that has 53! Hit Points (Shredder has 44). Wow!

Turtles Go Hollywood
This adventure goes after Truckin' Turtles, witch I don't have. At the end of that adventure, the Turtles are in California.

In Turtles Go Holliwood, dessigned by Daniel Greenberg, our friends are in the middle of a war among Shredder's Foot Nijas and the Ratt Pack. They also discover that the mutant Labb Ratt has a plan to add subliminal information in all major movies, witch could turn everybody in his slaves.

The adventure is set in four reels or parts plus the ending and loose ends for the next adventure.

It even suggest to use soundtracks like I Love L.A. by Randy Newman during the Los Angeles scenes, Jaws Soundtrack for the fight against sharks, 007 soundtrack for a specific combat part and Star Wars during the combat at the soundstage. Cool, don't you think?

Beautiful illustrations by Kevin Long.


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