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September 24, 2010


Complete Chronicles of Conan (28). Notes On Various Peoples of the Hyborian Age.

This last post reviewing the Complete Chronicles of Conan is a short fictional essay on the different qualities and recognizable characteristics of the Aquilonians, the Gundermen, the Cimmerians and the Westermarck. 

This last part, about one half of the essay starts as a anthropological discourse that turns in the seed of a new story with some revelations about the aides and allies of Conan while he was trying to conquer the Aquilonian throne.

There is an interesting text about the Cimmerians that is as relevant as obscure.

These people were descendants of the ancient Atlanteans, though they themselves were unaware of their descent, having evolved by their own efforts from the ape-men to which their ancient ancestors had sunk.

Here, I think we can see that the Cimmerians are descendants of the Atlanteans and that they evolved from a different source than the other people of the Earth at the Hyborian Age.

Hope you'll enjoyed this set of post and that you found something of interest and useful.

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Image taken from Antallan.


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