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August 13, 2010


Fanáticos atacan a Kiss en 1982 y 1983.

Segunda parte de estas entradas en las que vemos como el fanatismo es ciego (y sordo) y sólo lleva a crear problemas. 

Second part of these posts in which we can see that fanaticism is blind (and deaf) and leads only to create problems.

KISS vs Religious Groups: 1982 - 1983

In 1982 - 1983 various religious groups tried to get KISS banned from playing their local towns, making ridiculous claims that KISS is just as bad as drugs and alcohol for the youth and that 'KISS' is short for Knights-In-Satan's-Service... Absolutely ridiculous of course, 'KISS' stands for nothing and for any religious nuts out there still going crazy about thinkinh KISS is satanic, it's only Rock 'n Roll!!
[Text and Video via NecramoniumKISSvideo]


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