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June 13, 2010


Superman IV: the Quest for Peace (1987).

The last of the Christopher Reeve's Superman movies is the worst. It has a promissing beggining but it turns into a dull entertainment and ends in pure boredom. Producers changed and it was a failure at the theaters. It costed more than it gained. 

Superman saves a group of astronauts and recovers a part of Kripton. His mother tells him that this new power source could be used once to accomplish a great task.

Then the war between USA and USSR is inminent, so he intervenes, taking all nuclear missiles and sending it to the sun. In the explosion, a replic of Superman is created: Nuclear Man.

Lex Luthor uses that twin Superman to fight the real one and in the end Superman wins by confining Nuclear Man into a Nuclear plant. And that's all. Not much around.

The idea of Superman intervening so directly was well developed in Superman: Peace on Earth in 1999.

We have to wait two decades to see Superman Returns. And suffer with the tragic ending of beloved Christopher Reeve. We'll never forget him.

Superman IV ( Trailer ) 1987

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