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June 21, 2010


Hellboy Weird Tales volume one.

This is the first collection of Hellboy where Mignola was not the artist. Here many artist (and I mean many) draw and write Hellboy stories from their unique point of view to add more fuel to the little red guy (as Scott Allie said in the introduction) well crafted legend.

Midnight Cowboy
Eric Powell plays a little with Hellboy Junior and his haunted dog. A great joke with amazing art.

The jokes' on Hellboy. Sniegoski and Nedelcu bring a european vision to the guy but here he is mock all the time. And the joke is really fun!

Family Story
A boy toying with his little action figure that turns his family outside down. And Hellboy is the next voodoo doll. By Ryan and Lieber.

Japan is the location of the next Weir Tale. This one is Stradley and Kim's adventure. Hellboy fights a monsters in a lake that uses charming as a weapon. And Hellboy has a bigger horn at the end. Nothing a good saw couldn't fix, said the big boy.

Childern of the Black Mound
Nicieza and Raffaelen tell this story about Baba Yaga and the way she was defeated.

Big-Top Hellboy
Cassaday creates an amazing mood for this story where Hellboy fights an entire ghost Circus. Perhaps a little too violent and superhero the ending with the blast. But it is OK. It was his vision.

Flight Risk
Hellboy is the excuse to tell the story of a jet-pack and the way a giant bat could help saving your life. By Casey and Parkhouse.

B.P.R.D guys suffering an Intern Demon. A joke by Fingerman.

Abe Sapien: Star of the B.P.R.D.
Here the joke is on Abe. When Abe dreams about being more popular thatn Hellboy, the red guy mocks him outloud. Arcudi and Langridge

Curse of the Haunted Doily
Well, with a name like this, is no secret the ghost must be a... mother?! This time Kate Corrigan that doesn't seems to be pleased with her B.P.R.D. relations. Well,  Kate gets rid of that ghost by telling what a mother wants to hear. She'll be a good girl. By Mark Ricketts and Eric Wight.

The Dread Within
Jason Pearson brings us the exorcist girl's little sister to fight Liz Sherman. And the story is great.

Still Born
A very curious art by Maleev and Hollingsworth with one of the weirdest battle of Hellboy.

Party Pooper
Happy birthday, Hellboy! But take care what you wish for. By Andi.

And at the end a nice art gallery and Sketch book.

Wow, it took more to review than to read. Wait for next post about Weird Tales 2.


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