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July 05, 2010


Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets.

Do you remember this boys, George and Harold, that hypnotized their principal, who really hates them, and convinced him that he was Captain Underpants, the superhero they created for their own comic book? Yes? Great! Now, let's go for the second adventure.

It starts with a comic book retelling the first adventure. So you want to know that story GO FOR MY POST ABOUT THE FIRST NOVEL AND REJOY! After that we get to know that the Annual Invention Convention is about to happen and Principal Krupp wants to avoid last year "joke" where George and Harold glued everybody to their seats. Literally.

So, just before they did anything, they got grounded. Sincerely, they asked for it. George and Harold must avenge themselves!

While on detention, they meet Melvin, who is in charge of the machines presented to the convention and found the amazing Patsy 2000, a xerox that turns a drawing into a living thing. Could you add two and two in this? A pair of nice guys that has a lot of sense of humor and a lot of comics of their own.

But first, they must spread havoc among the convention. Every machine and experiment were sabotaged and Principal Krupp is really angry. George and Harold are back on detention.

Bart Simpson must learn from this guys. They add a lot of pieces of chunk to a stick and wrote all the sentences at the chalkboards of the detention room in less than a minute.

Now they have a lot of spare-time so they write and draw their next Captain Underpants chapter: Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets. After they finished the comic they have to copy it and, well, remember Patsy 2000? Well, why not, it is a xerox after all, no? Well, no.

A legion of Talking Toilets, hungry of human flesh arouse from the Patsy. In the chaos this odd toilets create, someone snaps his fingers and Mr. Krupp turns into Captain Underpants!

Captain Underpants defeat the toilets by giving them cafeteria food. The little toilets are no more, but the big Turbo Toilet 2000 attacks . An extremely graphic violence chapter in flip-o-rama are about to happen. And a lot of laughs. 

But Captain Underpants looses and George and Harold must use again the Patsy 2000 to create a giant robot to fight their first evil creation. The robot wins, reconstruct the school and rescues Captain Underpants, that now is back in his normal Mr. Krupp self. 

The teachers recognized that George and Harold saved the day and gave them the first price: being principal for a day. And they spread havoc again, but not finishing before someone snaps his fingers again and they must run after Captain Underpants again!

More about Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets:
Image taken from Dav Pilkey's page.


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