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June 14, 2010


The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

I found this book in my local public Library and pick it right away. I knew that it was a Best-Seller because it was translated into Spanish and Catalan and many kids here read his adventures. So I picked this compilation of the three first novels; The Adventures of Captain Underpants, Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets and (let's concentrate our energy) Captain Underpant and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space (and the Subsequent assault of the Equally Evil Luchroom Zombie Nerds). Buf!

So I read and laught.Yes, a lot. Because the book is fun and the idea brilliang. Dav Pilkey creates a compact background that is so strong to allow him write ten novels related to the character and the two boys. Let's see what's the story.

We have our two young 4th graders (George and Harold) that are a little naughty and has a real talent for comics. They write about Captain Underpant, a Superhero of their own imagination. We can actually read them. That's great, a novel two comics and... animation! But let's explain some more things before we go to Flip-o-Rama.

Their comics do well in the playground where they sell them for 50 cents each. And the greatest fan of their work is  the MEAN Mr. Krupp. He is the principal of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. He hate the two boys and above all the comics.

One day George and Harold turn a Football Game into a joke-bonanza. They make as many jokes as they could, turning the game into a circus. Mr. Krupp has recorded all the boys movement and blackmail them by threatening to give the Videotape to the Football players. That means that they will suffer dearly. 

So George and Harold must do as Mr. Krupp says and behave at all time, while being the part time slaves of the principal. They wash his car and do all the duties he can imagine.

Our heroes must do something, but something extraordinary. They found this 3-D Hypno-Ring to hypnotize Mr. Krupp and convince him to release them. The Ring miraculously works and Mr. Krupp is under the kids command. First they change the videotape for a copy of Boomer the Purple Dragon Sing-A-Long. Opening the filing cabinet George and Harold they find a complete collection of Captain Underpants and many requisitioned stuff like fake doggy doo-doo.

Then they force the principal to behave as a chicken, a monkey and Captain Underpant... and that's where everything turns upside down and where the adventures of Captain Underpant start. That's because Mr. Krupp loves the character (or hates it so much that he knows everything about him by heart).

Mr. Krupp undress and turns into a perfect Captain Underpant. The boys laught to exhaustion but the come-to-real Captain Underpant jumps through the window and runs to stop a bank robery. The thieves laugh and laugh. The police take custody of the robbers and tries to arrest the Captain. George and Harold rescue him and crash in front two robots that had stolen a big crystal. 

Captain Underpant, well, he gets caught by the robot's creator, Doctor Nappy (Yikes!). The kids use the fake doggy doo-doo to fool Doctor Nappy, who actually uses a diaper to make him feel embarrased. While he goes to change himself, George and Harold fights the robots and destroy them. And all of this in fantastic FLIP-O-RAMA.

And here I must slow down my post. WOW, what a concept! Dav Pilkey creates an innovative chapter where we create cheesy animation by flipping the pages. Pilkey ask for adding our own sound-effects. But I couldn't I was laughting outloud. Boy, this chapter is AMAZING.

Well, after destroying the robots, they have to face Doctor Nappy. And when they win the lab selfdestructs. That leaves us with chapter 18. It goes like this:

Chapter 18.
To make a Long
Story Short

They got away.

Hey, that's concise, don't you think? Well, the kids, after the adventure pours water over Captain Underpants, turning him back into the principal. But it didn't work that well and everytime someone snaps their finger, Mr. Krupp returns to his alter-ego and the adventures beggan again.

A really fun book, full of new ideas and humor. Read the Wikipedia article if you want to have more deep insight of the way this book is written and do yourself a favor: read the book!

More about Captain Underpants:
Image taken from Wikipedia.


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