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June 20, 2010


The Gold Rush (1925).

 The first time a Charles Chaplin's film is commented in Tonnerre de Brest, must be with one of the best movies ever. This Klondike - Alaska Gold Rush was the location the most reknown Chaplin character, the Tramp arrives. He is there without any single need to get rich but to survive. And there he finds love... and way too much cold!

Chaplin always said that this was the film that he most wanted to be remembered for. And he sure did. The movie has some of the best Chaplin moments in all his filmography, including the delicious potato-fork dance  - Table Ballet - and the cabin in the blizard. But above all, this is a perfect movie with the perfect humor and the perfect story.

It was intended to be film on location (Truckee, California at 5.800ft) with real snow, but at the end it was recreated at Chaplin's Studio. Later, in the 40s sound, music and narration was added to the film with deleted scenes and a new ending without the last kiss.

A masterpiece that you can see in glorious Google Video. Enjoy.

Art, Comedy – Charlie Chaplin – “Gold_Rush”
More about the Gold Rush:
Writing this post while listening to Metallica in Rock in Rio, Madrid (June 14, 2010).


Guely of Sweden said...

And that big chicken is charlot himself. One of the best movies ever!

Valentín VN said...

Indeed, it is one of the best. It could be the best of Chaplin, meaning one of the best artist ever.

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