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October 11, 2010


Chononauts, the Time Travel Card Game.

What a great Game! One of my favourites and one of the best card-board game I've ever knew. It was designed by Andrew Looney and in it you play the role of a Time Traveller witch reality has gone. You have to turn everything in your proper time-line as it "should be", destroying all other possibilities. 

In front of the players, there are set up 32 cards that work as a board and could flip when a player change History. If a player use an inverter on a Linchpin, History changes and a paradox is created.

The Time Repair Agency is very interested in resolving Paradoxes, so every time you do so, they give you a card.

There are three ways of winning: by creating three events that fits in your alternate reality, completing a mission and having ten cards in your hand.

The fun thing is when you do something real History changes to a way it could be quite interesting if you love this kind of stuff. A single card could change a lot of events in a row and even create a WWIII in 1962 or making impossible a WWII. Titanic could avoid his destiny and Lincoln could have survive his killing attempt but this would changed History in some incredible manners. And the game is so good at this that the reactions are always amazing.

More about Chrononauts:


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