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September 19, 2010


Def By Temptation (1990).

Def by Temptation is the best Troma film I've ever seen. That's my opinion and for that reason it is questionable. 

If you pay attention to the story, it is in fact a mess, but that is not important as the great recreation of the vampire myths in New York and by this pre-Hip Hop youngsters is amazingly innovative.

This movie is also known because of Samuel L. Jackson's Starring. He is trying to prevent the main characters into going straight to the Temptress, the vampire mistress.

There is a fun fact that makes this movie unique: the main characters didn't survive until a third character resolves the problem. And the finishing vampire as a classic surprise ending.

A movie worth seeing.


In one of his earliest pre-Pulp Fiction performances, Samuel L. Jackson helps face off against a supernatural menace to society in this theatrical sleeper hit shot on colorfully vivid 35mm. A sexy female succubus is hell-bent on destroying Joel (A DIFFERENT WORLDs Kadeem Hardison), a young divinity student, through her powers of seduction. One by one, Joel's friends fall victim to her charms, leaving Joel to face the temptress...and his destiny...alone. Bill Nunn (DO THE RIGHT THING) also stars in this terrifying story of vampires and lust. Featuring star power, lavish production values and smoking urban locales, Def By Temptation showcases the brightest young black cast and crew in a thoughtfully frightening horror extravaganza.
[text and video via Troma]

More about Def By Temptation:
Images taken from Wikipedia (poster) and Video Detective (frame).


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