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August 06, 2010


Complete Chronicles of Conan (21). The Frost-Giant's Daughter.

My favourite Conan Story. It could be not as complex as any other, but the amazing portrait of a sex-blinded Conan that forgets his own safety to catch the beautiful pale skinned maiden is something really appealing.

After a battle that ends with a slaughter, being Conan the sole survivor, he can see a beautiful woman half-naked in the blizzard (Conan doesn't seems to notice that fact). His lust transforms him from a tired and defeated warrior into a  crazed stallion that follows her into the most inhospitable places that Nordheim, the realm of eternal snow.

She is a decoy that many man has followed into the hands of his brothers, two frost-giants. Conan is so out-of-his-mind that fights them with the little strentgh he had left. And wins. After killing the two monstrous half-giants, Conan continues his pursue. The girl, Atali is her name, now runs for her life. She begs for help to her father - thus the "daughter" in the title.

And then something magic happens. When Conan almost has the girl everything turns upside-down. I mean the whole mountain. A lightning strokes Conan unconscious. When he awakes, surrounded by Aesir comrades. Was it a dream? A veil that was covering the body of the girl was in his hand. 

More about the Frost-Giant's Daughter:

Image taken from Wikipedia.


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