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May 27, 2008


B.P.R.D vol. 8: Killing Ground

I have finished the last book (8 and counting) in the B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) saga. I think this series is getting bigger and bigger every time a new TPB comes out.

This time the spotlight is on Benjamin Daimio. It is not really a Secret Origin story, but a new instalment in the Hellboy Saga Without Hellboy.

John Arcudi is in my opinion a writer in state of grace. The book has a narrative that runs fluently all along the five chapters. And of course, Guy Davis. In my opinion he is the best artist publishing today. I really, really love the way he portraits EVERYTHING. Perhaps Mignola has set the canon where we look for Hellboy stories, but, Arcudi and Davis, since The Dead story had been busier than ever and this second series in the Hellboy corpus is more proficient, with one book more than its parent creation.

Let’s see… The story. The characters are in BPRD headquarters and Abe is taking care of the Wendigo, Johann (my second favourite character after Abe) is enjoying his new found body, Liz is lost but she has found a new friend in Miss Panya (hope to see more of her soon) and Kate is in a one-way path to become a new Nick Fury. But the story is about Ben. I won’t be telling more because this would be a spoiler and I don’t really like them. But I must tell you the end really worth the effort (hardly at all) of reading the whole book. I must say that (read no further, perhaps a spoiler here) I’m glad that Johann loses his new body. Poor fellow. Perhaps next time he will be more fortunate (but may be not).

Here is an embed of the second Hellboy movie to be released soon. We will see more BPRD than in the first (and wonderful) movie. The Golden Army, that’s the name.

[via Black Tree Media]


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