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May 24, 2008


Star Wars 31st Anniversary

It is quite late, but tomorrow is May 25th and it is, as always, an special day. Thirty one years ago, the gallaxy changed forever and Movies were never the same.

Last year, May 25th was friday and Several teachers help me to make a party to conmemorate this great day (thanks Marian). Our High School students enjoyed a DVD made with videos about Star Wars and we could show them why Star Wars was so special to people who now is 35+.
I´m sorry to say that this importance is fading in youngest generations. Many boys and girls consider this movies a little bit outdated. Many hadn't seen it and many doesn't care. I am rehearsing the main theme with flute at classroom and some of them didn't know it. It is quite sad.
Let's forget all about it.
Here in Spain, tomorrow will be Freakies Day. Enjoy the festivities.
Here are Links that add information to this quite short post.
I promise I will post about Star Wars anytime soon. But today I would like to propose this three embed from YouTube.
First, the original opening, with real crawl from the audience.
Then, this Embed with images from the next Star Wars Hit, the CGI animated movie, Clone Wars.
And to end this post, this Embed that showcases the parade celebrated last year as an homage to the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, performed by the Spanish Garrison.

[via Skygnacio]


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