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September 18, 2010


Rabbit of Seville (1949).

50 Greatest Cartoons of all time #12.

This cartoon aired in 1950 by director Carlo Jonzi... er, Chuck Jones (that was the joke we can read in credits) makes intensive use of the Carl Stalling arrangement and version of Rossini's Overture to The Barber of Seville.

But perhaps the most important joke and innovation is this meta-stage situation. From the beginning, Elmer chases Bugs Bunny, but it is a fortuitous situation that leaves the main characters on stage of the Hollywood Bowl while an Opera is being represented.

Both characters know that they are in from of an audience and that they must behave. Bugs as the main role and boldly facing the hunter while Elmer accepts his destiny as second in command and let Bugs shave him in many occasions.

Music takes the locomotive power to make everything run smoothly. A pleasure in less than eight minutes. Enjoy!

The Rabbit of Seville full technocolor

More about Rabbit of Seville:

Images taken from Wikipedia (title card and frame)


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