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June 27, 2008


VIDEOCAST La Blogotheque and On Net Works

I want to share with you two Video Blogs that I usually watch and that they are special. La Blogotheque is quite unique. It is a collection of musical videos made by an association of bloggers and videoartist. All their videos have a common quality: their energy it is impressive.All the groups recorded by this artist are spotted on unusual locations, as you could see with R.E.M. playing their songs in a car. They play live and there is only one camera recording. That’s all. And to tell you the truth, that’s a lot. I simply love it.The second is a page called On Net Works, that have many Videocast channels. There are two that I consider great to watch if you are a little bit pop-culture-aficionado: Bif! Bang! Pow! Wow! and On Warcraft (I am not interested in Videogames, but it could be great if you are).


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