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July 09, 2010


Complete Chronicles of Conan (17). Red Nails.

The first Hyborian South American adventure of Conan is also the adventure where Valeria, the female role of the Conan the Barbarian Movie. Conan pursues Valeria, who has get rid of a tribe of barbarians.

Conan is "very insistent" in his intentions and Valeria must fight for her freedom. In the middle of the quarrel a giant lizard attacks the couple. They must now fight together to death. In the end, Conan poisons the monster.

They exit the forest and found in a wasteland where a city roofed called Xuchotl (Aztecs names galore) the impresion is that there is only a building full of rooms. 

Conan and Valeria save Techotl from a battle among to opposed group of fighters. With Techotl as his friend they visit one of the groups as guest. There they find the truth about the city. The original inhabitants were slain by outsiders.

This outsiders where guided by a treacherous slave (Tolkemec) that in the end will betray the new inhabitants.

From then on, the 75 novelette turns into a very complex story. First, a priest (Tascela) finds in the beauty of Valeria the possibility of restoring her long gone youth. One of the rulers of the faction wants to rape Valeria. The Opposite faction attacks and kills almost everybody.

Tascela has the idea of sacrificing Valera (thus is the reason of the Weird Tales cover). Conan saves her because Tascela needs him to win over Tolkemec and his soldiers.

In the end, everybody slays everybody and Conan and Valeria leaves the now death city.

Oh, by the way, if you guess why the adventure was called Red Nails, it is because Valeria is a member of the Red Brotherhood.

More about Red Nails:

Image taken from Wikipedia.


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