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June 06, 2008


Virtual Hard Disks and Back-Up Online.

This post is a remainder of several options that we have on Internet to save and backup our documents and archives. Many of the domains come from PC ACTUAL #207, but some of them are from my own research. Read all about it in their web.

My option is Divshare. Here you can store, share and add branding to your documents. There are many options. From Free 5 GB to an impressive 500 GB. Prices for 10 GB is $8, for 25 GB is $19 and 500 GB is $32.

Scribd is another great option to share your documents and is free. This web site is also great to look for documents, musical scores and books.

The free options are Adrive with 50GB, but it is slow because they are running an Anti-virus all the time. Mediamax with 25 GB is another great option. Microsoft’s Skydrive Live offers 5GB free and Yahoo’s Briefcase allows uploading 30 Mb. They are all great options look for the one that adjust to your needs.

If you are looking for professional hosting and services, take a look at this options. Always via PC Actual and you can read it in #207.

If you are looking for great hosting, try it at 1and1. Archives must be over 20 Mb and it will cost you from $4 to $20 per month.

Acens is another good option if you need more services aside your hosting. Its accounts cost about $30 per GB and month.

An Spanish option is Arsys and its price is 4€ to 24€ per month.

Hostalia is another web site and cheaper than the afore mentioned: 22€ per month. This is the option of PC ACTUAL.

Take a look at Hostinet. This company offers us a cheap backup and hosting but it has its limits. Perhaps you could find it useful.

If your option is a continuous data storage, try Live Data Security. 5€ per GB.

Two more options to go: Gorag and Strato Alojamiento. They are cheap (about 8€ per GB and per month).

I hope I have been of any help. I think computers as we know them are going to change radically. Imagine a future computer with online hard disk and portable software. You only need an Internet connection, a huge TV with a Home cinema loudspeakers and a control surface. And nothing more.

Here I must add an essay about Web 2.0 in PC Actual.


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